Cory Temkin

Wholistic Health Coach

Life is full of wonder. Every moment of your life is brimming with possibility.

Imagine a ceramic teacup dribbling over the edges with clean, purified water.

This is the potnential fullness of your every moment.

Now imagine picking up the teacup and pouring that luxurious water

into the soil near a small struggling plant.

Look back at your cup. This is where you begin...

You have endless choices in your every moment.

How do you want to fill your cup of life?

Health is not only about what you eat and whether you exercise. Health is also who you are being in this world to others and to yourself.

If you are looking for support in discovering a healthy well-being, call or email with questions and to make an appointment.



Contact me today to schedule your appointment.

Contact me today to schedule your appointment.